Featured Review: “Agent in Place” by Mark Greaney

Agent in Place

Mark Greaney is back with Agent in Place with his seventh Gray Man thriller, which finds Court Gentry taking the fight to Syria. It was very interesting when renowned author Mark Greaney brought Court Gentry back into the fold at the CIA after one of my personal favorites, Back Blast. I was expecting he would be taking his orders from Suzanne Brewer, his new handler at the CIA whom takes her orders from the Director of the National Clandestine Services, Matthew Hanley much like the New York Times Bestselling Gunmetal Gray. However, Agent in Place finds The Gray Man joining a small Syrian resistance group led by Dr. Tarek Halaby and his wife Rima Halaby. Not exactly a cut throat kill squad Court was expecting when he learned who they were up against. Nonetheless, I was very excited to see Violator working on his own.

The book starts off with Court sneaking into a well-guarded hotel room in order to accomplish his mission, which is what exactly? To Kill the occupant of the bed? That is what I was expecting as I was reading, as Court is sneaking past the multiple guards all top-notch operators, willing to die for their client, but to my surprise he was there to rescue or kidnap, depends how you look at it, Bianca. Bianca Medina is a Spanish fashion model, a mom, and mistress of Ahmed Al-Azzam, the President of Syria.

Upon delivering Bianca to Dr. Tarek Halaby and his wife Rima, Court gets a little insight into their operation and he isn’t impressed. For one, Bianca isn’t willing to help the Syrian Resistance group until her son is safe. As we all know, Court does have a knack for doing the right thing. With that in mind, we find The Gray Man finding his own way into Syria, which presents a whole new set of problems Court must deal with along the way. And he does so in classic Court Gentry fashion, including instigating a bar fight and some more kidnappings along the way.

Mark Greaney once again delivers a top notch, five-star thriller which stands up strong among the very best in the thriller world. I would argue that Court Gentry is up there with Mitch Rapp as one of the best operatives in fiction today. With only seven books deep, I am very excited to see Mark Greaney’s work for many years to come.


Author: Mark Greaney

Series: The Gray Man

ISBN: 0451488903

Publisher: Berkley

Release Date: February 20, 2018

Lima Charlie Review Rating: 9/10


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