A Lima Charlie Review: ‘DAUGHTER OF WAR’ By Brad Taylor. With a BLAST RADIUS of a DIRTY BOMB! (9/10)

img_1341Pike Logan is back in Daughter of War from retired U.S. Army Lieutenant Colonel Brad Taylor. Lieutenant Colonel Taylor commanded multiple troops and a squadron within the Special Forces Operational Detachment aka Delta. Using his 21 years of experience and knowledge, Taylor brought us the Pike Logan series, which with Daughter of War, is 13 novels deep, plus multiple Taskforce short stories, all part of the same universe that help tie up loose ends or just give us a better understanding of how and why something occurred, my personal favorite, The Callsign. His most recent, The Ruins goes back to between One Rough Man and All Necessary Force, letting us know how Jennifer got ready for Taskforce Assessment and how their company Grolier Recovery Services came to be. A definite must read for all Pike Logan fans.

Daughter of War begins with a North Korean scientist showing off his new chemical weapon, nicknamed “Red Mercury.” They chose this name because many within the Arab community have heard of this weapon as a myth, therefore seeing it and the idea of using it in real life gave them the utmost confidence. All while North Korea is planning their own mission, which would coincide with the terrorist attack and hence, give them a scape goat to blame their attack on. The Taskforce in the form of Pike and his team are after the North Koreans initially because of a list they believe is about to be sold off to the terrorists, this list contains names of high level government employees and operatives all over the world. However, they quickly realize the list isn’t what the North Koreans are trying to sell, but a WMD. If I didn’t know better, I would imagine this plot was not a work of fiction but pulled straight from real world news outlets.

Taylor introduces us to a new character, Amena. A thirteen-year-old kid that is down on her luck, trying hard to survive and almost getting herself killed multiple times in the process. A Syrian refugee that just can’t catch a break. We first meet Amena and her brother in Monaco, a tiny independent city-state on France’s Mediterranean coastline where they search for ‘marks’ or tourists whom they can score a payday by stealing cameras, wallets, phones, etc. Anything that will feed them for another day or week. Their first heist is unsuccessful, but their second is. This one however, begins a chain of events that would see Amena’s world come crashing down all around her and have her running all over Europe for her life.

The entire team Pike is use to working with is back, including Jennifer, aka Koko. VEEP, the US President’s son. Blood, who still can’t get over his callsign, but does get to see some action and we see it through the eyes of a scared thirteen-year-old girl. Creed, their technical support back in the states who comes through for the team when Pike needs him the most, a very small part, but one I was hoping would get him some much-deserved recognition. Maybe in Brads next short story. Colonel Kurt Hale, the commander of the Taskforce. And of course, the fan favorite or I should say the ladies favorite, Knuckles. He does not disappoint, in one scene he meets with an “asshole, I’m sorry I misspelled asset,” and totally and utterly puts the fear of god into him in classic style.

Finally, Nephillim ‘Pike’ Logan. Pike is back and has not slowed down one bit. As we all know, a deep character full of compassion, determination, and rage. The rage he can control and channel 98 percent of the time. Those other two percent however, are what great thriller books are made of. Right here is where Brad Taylor comes through with some heart thumping action. For long time Pike Logan fans, you know exactly what I mean. For those just getting introduced to the Pike Logan series, I urge you to stop reading this right now and start from the beginning with One Rough Man. You will be in for a treat reading through this series from the beginning. If you haven’t stopped reading and you haven’t read Taylor’s entire Pike Logan series, you’ve been warned. Spoilers ahead for One Rough Man. We know that Pike lost this wife and daughter in a brutal and violent way, and we know where his rage comes from. When he comes into ear shot of Amena and her pursuers in Daughter of War and hears her pleading for her life and hears what they’ve done to her already. Pike is transformed into what Amena describes as something “unworldly,” “tearing open a scab that never healed,” like a demon escaping wanting to feed. And boy does it feed.

Brad Taylor is back with Daughter of War. A suspenseful, action packed thriller. The story relevant, the plot driven, the action nonstop. In what I think to be Brads best work yet. Definitely one of 2019’s best thrillers. I highly recommend you pre-order Daughter of War and set aside a day or two in early 2019, this won’t be one you can read leisurely, the non-stop action is sure to keep you at the edge of your seat, glued to the book. Daughter of War will be available on January 8, 2019. Pre-Order now.


Author: Brad Taylor
Series: Pike Logan # 13
Pages: 400 (Hardcover)
ISBN: 1101984848
Publisher: Dutton
Release Date: January 8, 2019
Follow Brad on Twitter: @Bradtaylorbooks
RATING – A BLAST RADIUS OF: A DIRTY BOMB (9/10) This type of bomb kills immediately & continues to kill rendering the land useless for a long time.




About Brad Taylor


Brad Taylor was born on Okinawa, Japan, but grew up on 40-acres in rural Texas. Graduating from the University of Texas, he was commissioned as a second lieutenant in the U.S. Army Infantry. Brad served for more than 21 years, retiring as a Special Forces Lieutenant Colonel. During that time he held numerous Infantry and Special Forces positions, including eight years in 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment – Delta where he commanded multiple troops and a squadron. He has conducted operations in support of US national interests in Iraq, Afghanistan, and other classified locations.

His final assignment was as the Assistant Professor of Military Science at The Citadel in Charleston, SC. He holds a Master’s of Science in Defense Analysis from the Naval Postgraduate School, with a concentration in Irregular Warfare. In 2011, Brad published his debut novel, One Rough Man, which was an immediate success and launched the Pike Logan series. Now with more than 12 installments and more than 2 million copies sold, the series has consistently hit the New York Times bestseller list. When not writing, he serves as a security consultant on asymmetric threats for various agencies. He lives in Charleston, SC with his wife and two daughters.




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