A Lima Charlie Review: “From a Soldier’s Perspective” By Michael Lee Womack

img_0288From a Soldier’s Perspective is a very realistic, wound healing, escape from reality type of book that gave me a feeling of “I’m not alone.” As a Marine Veteran, with three combat deployments overseas and eight years of active duty service, these words Michael Lee Womack put together as a method of healing for himself, his drug of choice as he called it, really inspired me to look deep within myself and find balance in my own personal life, in my method of dealing with my demons that I came home with.

Michael Lee Womack, a former U.S. Army grunt with multiple combat deployments, at which he’s experienced loss, regret, brotherhood, and overall the insight into who he is as a man, as a soldier, a friend, a husband, even a father. All portrayed in one way or another through his words, but the words all seemed familiar, because all of us that have served since 9/11 have many similar if not almost identical experiences. The amount of true emotion that he was able to capture within these pages is nothing short of amazing. If you’ve served within the Armed forces, no matter what branch, no matter what your MOS is, the grunts, the combat support guys and gals. Even the cook, or the Motor T mechanic, the engineers, or those manning the pumps, filling up fuel into the Humvees, everyone should read through this, I promise the satisfaction and feeling you will receive will be priceless, the feeling that I got, that ‘I’m not alone,” many have gone before me, with me and after me. We’re all here now willing and able to support each other.

I highly recommend you read this book, it took me all of one hour to get through it the first time. Then going back, nodding and agreeing with things, learning something new and gaining a better understanding of what he went through, what I went through, and how this war we’ve all been a part of is waged. The coward that hides amongst women and children, that won’t put on a uniform and announce himself. The wounds service members come home with and how they’re dealt with.

Author: Michael Lee Womack
Pages: 80
ISBN: 978-1-5035-5263-0
Publisher: Xlibris
Release Date: June 5, 2015
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About the Author

img_1553On the seventeenth day of February 1987, author and poet Michael Lee Womack was born in the small town of Sanford, North Carolina. Eighteen years later, he would make a decision that would forever change his life. Just a month after graduating high school, he would enlist into the United States Army on the thirtieth of June 2005. From there, he would embark on a journey unlike any other. He attended One Station Unit Training at Fort Knox, Kentucky. Upon the completion of his training, he was relocated to the Twenty-Fifth Infantry Division’s Schofield Barracks inside of Hawaii. Once there, he would become a part of a band of brothers that would eventually become like family to him. His first unit was just like any first because it will always be special to him. The Third Squadron, Fourth US Cavalry Regiment took him on a three-year tour of the army, and fourteen months of that included a 2006–2007 tour of Iraq. After a three-year stint of being with the Third Squadron, Fourth US Cavalry Regiment, he had decided that it was time to explore the army even more. He reenlisted for another three years and relocated back to Fort Knox, Kentucky. This go around, he found himself working as the OPFOR that assisted in the training of freshly new army lieutenants with the First Squadron, Sixteenth US Cavalry Regiment. Here he would work countless hours in the rain and snow to ensure that these lieutenants were prepared to take on their next mission and ready to lead their own soldiers into war. After a year of training lieutenants, this seasoned soldier was ready to move on. The year is now 2009, and after four long years of being a 19 Delta Cavalry Scout, he decided that he would like to specialize in a new military occupation. Fort Gordon, Georgia, would be his next stop, and after an extensive amount of training with satellites, he would become a 25 Sierra / Satellite Operator/ Maintainer. After completing his training, Fort Stewart, Georgia, would be his new home away from home. The year is now 2010, and after less than a month of being a soldier in the Third Infantry Division, this dogface soldier was headed for his second deployment to Iraq. From 2010 to 2011, he would encounter an eleven-month deployment to Iraq, and on the twenty-seventh of May 2014, he was medically discharged from the United States Army. It is now almost a year later, and Sergeant Womack has now pieced together his next published book, From a Soldier’s Perspective. He hopes that you gain much insight from it on what life was like for him as a soldier, as well as what life has been like for him as a veteran.

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