A Lima Charlie Review: ‘The Presence of Evil’ By J.T. Patten. With a BLAST RADIUS of a DIRTY BOMB! (9/10)

img_4525J.T. Patten is back with his second Task Force Orange novel, The Presence of Evil. Writing under a pseudonym due to his long successful career in the intelligence community. Some notable work he shares in his bio reads like Mitch Rapp’s biography. Having spent a lot of time in the Middle East, including being a notable authority on Iran and the IRGC, as well as the Qods Force, cyber threat detection, financial crimes, irregular and unconventional warfare strategies in counterterrorism, intel collection, and social network disruption. I’m not telling you to give it a good rating on Amazon & Goodreads, but if you don’t this author has the skill and capability to hack your account and do it himself.

The Presence of Evil sees our favorite hero / villain still being hunted by the beautiful FBI agent Tresa Halliday. Even though she received the recognition for saving the Secretary of State publicly, from the events that took place in Buried in Black. Her supervisors encouraged her to continue the hunt and bring these rogue operators down. When we first see SA Halliday, she’s at a bar and Patten managed to interject some humor into his writing.

This Task Force Orange novel starts off with a tragedy, as if Drake Woolf hasn’t suffered enough. For this one however, the man from Orange is actually present and due to the way the events unfolded, he feels responsible for what happened. Which only exacerbate his already fragile mind and he spirals downhill really quickly, toying around with certain aspects of PTSD that are prominent in many veterans in the real world today.

Driven only by the mission, he pushes forward into the streets of Chicago, hunting and using some very formidable skills to try and prevent a mass attack on the public. Up against dangerous Iranian Assassins, Venezuelan terrorists, and his brother. Drake is in The Presence of Evil, and the only way out is for him to kill them all. But he has to accomplish this before he’s caught or killed, before he gives in to the battle within, before his brother gets to him. This fast-paced thriller is clearly written by someone who has been there and done that. Capturing you in each scene, putting danger in the crosshairs with time running out.

Don’t just read it, get read in into the blacker than black world that J.T. Patten use to occupy and now writes about. With so much real-world experience under his belt, Patten’s writing includes bad ass action, emotional turmoil, violence, and those real-world battle scars veterans are walking around with daily. As a reader, I can see how much growth this author has accomplished getting better and better with each novel he writes, this series is one you don’t want to miss out on.




Author: J.T. Patten
Series: Drake Woolf – A Task Force Orange Novel # 2
Pages: 310
Publisher: Lyrical Press
Release Date: August 20, 2019
Follow J.T. Patten on Twitter: @JTPattenBooks
Lima Charlie Rating: A BLAST RADIUS OF: A DIRTY BOMB (9/10) – This type of bomb kills immediately & continues to kill rendering the land useless for a long time.


About the Author

“J.T. Patten” has worked in counterterrorism intelligence mission support of national defense and policy initiatives. He has a degree in Foreign Language, a Masters in Strategic Intelligence, graduate studies in Counter Terrorism from the University of St. Andrews, and expertise in mobile device and cyber security, forensics, and financial crime investigations. Patten shares a combination of these unique experiences with readers to give them a taste of “the black.”

His novels are known for being blacker than black, literally reading in his fans to a compelling inside view of larger than life covert activities in addition to the gripping turmoil that warriors suffer while battling foes and internal demons. All the while twisting plots and characters to slow burn the reader until they are entirely engulfed in flames.

Readers who enjoy dark military and espionage thrillers such as Brad Taylor, Mark Greaney, Jason Kasper, Tim Tigner, CG Cooper, and J.B. Turner, will love Patten’s raw narrative and brave dialogue in an authentic ride into black ops assassinations, counter terrorism, and conspiracy.

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