A Lima Charlie Review: ‘Dawn of The Assassin’ By Bill Brewer. With a BLAST RADIUS of AN ARTILLERY PROJECTILE! (7/10)

img_4413-1What does it take to become an elite assassin working globally to end lives and make more money than most people dream about? Well, Bill Brewer’s Dawn of the Assassin explains it all in great detail.

Introducing David Diegert, we follow him from early adulthood as he’s exposed to the world he’s unprepared for. Trying to survive, but the odds are just not in his favor. Add to that a bit of a temper and David quickly finds himself in trouble with the law. Growing up in a small town in rural Minnesota, there just aren’t many opportunities for him. Seeing a bit of potential in him and not wanting him to waste his life, the local sheriff  suggests he joins the service in order to get out of this town and make something out of himself.

Taking the Sheriff’s advice, he does just that. David joins the army and ends up getting deployed to Afghanistan soon thereafter. While serving his country and being “all he can be” sounds like a great selling point from the local recruiter, being a soldier isn’t what David imagined, especially when his unit overseas was involved in some illegal activity. Budding heads with a junior officer, David finds himself court martialed and dishonorably discharged.

Being part of the most formidable army on the planet however left David with some particular skills which he put to use as a bouncer at a club. Needing a job and money to survive, those skills are noticed by the local Russian mobster. The Mob boss offers David a side gig with a handsome payment and David jumps at the opportunity. From that point forward, David finds himself in a life or death situation almost constantly, utilizing his skill to outmaneuver those that want to see him dead or in jail. Realizing that he’s heading down a certain path of no return, David embraces it and goes all in.

What we get is a detailed accounting of what it takes to become a world class assassin. And once you’ve achieved a certain level of proficiency, people of certain influence start to notice. In Dawn of the Assassin, David is noticed and recruited into an organization that breeds world class assassins. How do they do this? By compiling these would be killers and making them prove who is the best. The only way to prove with 100 percent certainty is for the rest to not come out alive.

David Diegert is a fresh new character that is full of emotion, determination, skill, and raw talent which sets him apart from the rest. This new series from Bill Brewer is an absolute fun read, chronicling the birth of an assassin. Someone that is quite normal, facing many hardships common across the country and world today, showing that with certain life choices, anyone could end up in a similar predicament David did. If that were a fact, how would you react? Could you become an assassin and take a life or would you end up dead like David almost did many times?

Earning itself a Blast Radius of AN ARTILLERY SHELL, this new series can only get better from here. While David is a flawed human being, emotional and disturbed at times, allowing the reader to easily put yourself in his shoes. What kept this thriller from a higher rating was certain skills David had which were never quite explained how he got them. For example, picking a lock without any trouble in 30-seconds takes some unique skill that isn’t on the curriculum of Army Basic training.




Author: Bill Brewer
Series: David Diegert # 1
Pages: 232
Publisher: Melange Books
Release Date: October 15, 2019
Follow Bill on Twitter: @BrewerBooks
Lima Charlie Rating: A BLAST RADIUS OF: AN ARTILLERY PROJECTILE (7/10) – 155 mm High Explosive Projectile fired from Medium Towed Howitzer fires a High Explosive round up to 30 klicks, with a blast radius of 50 meters and a casualty radius of 100 meters. What makes this weapon so great is its range and speed. Artillery crews can fire up to 5 rounds per minute, with each battery in the Marine Corps having six per gun line, that’s 30 rounds per minute down range. Its why they call it “steel rain.” And artillery men are called “King of Battle.”


About the Author

Bill Brewer is a member of the Faculty of the College of Health Sciences and Technology at RIT where he serves as the Director of Exercise Science within the Wegmans School of Health and Nutrition. His areas of instruction include Anatomy & Physiology as well as numerous courses in Exercise Science.

Bill is a family man, happily married and the proud father of a son and two daughters.  He lives in the South Wedge of Rochester NY. and loves to find outdoor adventure in the Adirondacks and in the Frontenac region of Ontario, Canada.

In July 2013 as a result of his first ever colonoscopy, he was diagnosed with Stage III colon cancer.  He underwent a surgical hemi colectomy to remove one third of his colon including the Stage III tumor.

During his recovery he seized the opportunity to do something he had always wanted to do and wrote a novel.  Tears of the Assassin was published under the pen name William Schiele.

Early detection saved his life.  Surviving cancer made him realize, life is too short not to strive to achieve your dreams.

Get your colonoscopy, live your dream.


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