A Lima Charlie Review: ‘Assassins Revenge’ By Ward Larsen. With a BLAST RADIUS of a MOAB! (8/10)

Assassins RevengeWard Larsen is a former U.S. Air Force fighter pilot, he’s flown over twenty missions in the Gulf War, aka Operation Desert Storm. What many call the first Iraq War, the one which liberated Kuwait in the early 90’s. Another nickname this war received is “Video Game War” due to the daily broadcast of images from cameras on board jets, like the one flown by this author. After that, he went on to serve as a federal LEO, airline captain, and trained extensively as an aircraft accident investigator.

If his schedule wasn’t busy enough, he also found time to pen a couple of fantastic novels. His first, The Perfect Assassin (2008). Introduced to the world, David Slaton, a Mossad agent trained as a Kidon. Since then, Larsen has penned six David Slaton novels, his latest due August 20th, Assassins Revenge.

After a decade of killing, David Slaton had left the employ of Mossad nearly four years ago. Very few people even knew he was still among the living. Spending his time travelling the world aboard a large catamaran with his Wife Christine and their two-and-a-half-year-old son, Davy. Making money off random stone and mortar jobs he was skilled at. One day, after running out for errands, Slaton comes back to the marina and finds his boat missing. He soon locates it, dead in the water about a mile out from land, and his family missing. His brain going about a 100 miles per hour, trying to make sense of it, until his suspicions are confirmed when he receives a text. A text from someone that clearly knows who he is, with vague instructions ending with “do what you do best.

Paul Mordechai is a former tech and advisor to higher ups in the Mossad. He has since been forced out for running an op against the Mossad in an effort to educate them on their cyber weakness and get more funding for his department. His efforts failed and he was shunned or relocated to The International Atomic Energy Agency. There, he uncovered damaging, but circumstantial evidence that weapons grade uranium had been stolen. Knowing the safeguards for such material, he knew it had to be an inside job and add to that his ambition to want back into the Mossad, to run operations and be respected among his peers. He decided to run this operation on his own. He found a clever, but bold way to enlist the help of Slaton.

Once Slaton aka a real professional in running ops got involved, things started moving faster, and more evidence is uncovered. While Mordechai was very ambitious, he was also “unaccustomed to stress, to playing in the life-and-death league.” Therefore, Slaton enlisted the help of a friend from the past, Anna Sorensen. Recently promoted to Assistant Deputy Director of SAD at the CIA, she and Slaton have worked together on a couple of successful operations in the past, which Slaton took as a reason for her receiving the said promotion. Therefore, he concluded she and the agency owed him a favor and would help him. While many things have been at play for quite some time, Slaton’s one and only agenda was to recover his family safely. The CIA however has other plans and of course they need “the most lethal of assassins” to spear head it. The problem is, the agency is really bad at spilling secrets and there are plans in motion currently throughout the world and they’re all connected. From Langley, to North Korea, to ISIS Jihadist on their all too familiar crusade, a coup attempt, and a plan for that stolen uranium that can only be utilized in one way. So, who is helping who? Is the CIA helping David get his family back or is there more at play here? Is the CIA using him?

Some small inconsistencies were however prominent in this book, while reading I noticed the fact that Slaton, who is described as “the most lethal of assassins” has gotten quite sloppy. He himself admits he let his guard down and thus allowed his family to get taken. He also came pretty close to losing a fight with someone that is nowhere near his level of training. This however is the price of living the good life, skills he later admits are perishable, and he won’t allow that to happen again.

Ward Larsen delivers an action filled, heart thumping story that feels all too real in today’s world. With multiple plots running at the same time, the stakes here are high on the world stage, the stakes are personal for Slaton, the threat is serious and Slaton, the Kidon is the only one who has the right training, the right motivation and the will to see it through. Earning itself a Blast Radius of A MOAB! This thriller should find its way onto your summer reading list.



Author: Ward Larsen
Series: David Slaton # 6
Pages: 392
Publisher: Forge Books
Release Date: August 20, 2019
Follow Ward on Twitter: @wardlarsen
Lima Charlie Rating: A BLAST RADIUS OF: A MOAB (8/10) – Massive Ordnance Air Blast -AKA- Mother of all Bombs. Largely known as the most powerful non-nuclear weapon in the US Military inventory. It has a blast radius of one mile, meaning it demolishes everything within 1 square mile.


About The Author

Ward Larsen is a USA Today bestselling author and a four-time winner of the Florida Book Award.

His first thriller, The Perfect Assassin, is currently being adapted into
a major motion picture by Amber Entertainment.

A former U.S. Air Force fighter pilot, Larsen flew over twenty missions in
Operation Desert Storm.

He has also served as a federal law enforcement officer, airline
captain, and is a trained aircraft accident investigator.

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