A Lima Charlie Review: ‘Presidential Retreat: A Sean Havens Black Ops Novel’ By J.T. Patten. With a BLAST RADIUS of a DIRTY BOMB! (9.25/10)

Presidential RetreatTaking a break from the Task Force Orange Novels, J.T. Patten goes back to his original Sean Havens Black Ops series. Fans of both series may be thinking, this is one and the same, Drake Woolf aka Birddog is just the new protagonist and Sean Havens is more of a secondary character and a role model for the new younger guy. To clear this up, Presidential Retreat: A Sean Havens Black Ops Novel takes place before the events of Buried In Black where Drake Woolf is introduced. Birddog does make an appearance or two in Presidential Retreat, but he isn’t happy about it. He’s itching for a fight down range in the real combat zone, as well as searching for his brother Dex that’s still out there. But he’s here as a favor to his still alive JSOC intelligence uncle in a parallel mission on Martha’s Vineyard.

Forget the Cold War, forget the Middle East and all the terrorist organizations it has bred. What if America’s first true enemy wasn’t defeated fully, but lying dormant, pretending, waiting. The Revolutionary War may have ended in 1783, but what if it didn’t?

Presidential Retreat sees Sean Havens at the end of a mission that didn’t end in his favor. He was in a bad part of the world and he got what all of us that have gone down range feared, malaria. His wife, Christine long feared dead has been held captive and Havens races to her rescue. Who is behind this new scheme? His former deplorable friend turned enemy, also known as the double agent, Prescott Draeger. With some help, Sean springs his recovering family from the military hospital. Here, we get to know Sean on a more intimate level, seeing his inner demons, attempting to find a way to do what Havens does best and be a husband and a father. One they can count on, making promises he isn’t very confident he can keep.

The Pond, a historic intelligence agency is back with plans to place itself in a position to make global changes and have the power to influence world affairs. This time their target is the lame duck President of the United States who won’t play ball with them. They recruited double agent, sometimes triple agent Draeger and kidnapped one of Havens associates, “X”, to draw him out and have his wife and daughter in their sights. They put a plan in place to where Havens will take the blame for their entire scheme to take out the president on the secluded vacation getaway island. Sean Havens once again proves he’s better, smarter, and adapts on the fly when placed in an impossible situation, despite his weakened body and mind. Everything Havens holds dear to his heart is at stake, he’s behind the scope of a stolen Secret Service three-oh-eight sniper rifle and he takes his shot. But who is on the receiving end of this deadly round?

Check out this must-read thriller from former intelligence officer J.T. Patten, a Sean Havens Black Ops Novel, Presidential Retreat. Earning itself a Blast Radius of a Dirty Bomb a 9.25/10 rating. The only thing this novel lacked is some action from fan favorite Birddog, but this is a Havens story and he was given the spotlight to bridge characters from the past into the new Task Force Orange story line.




Author: J.T. Patten
Series: A Sean Havens Black Ops Novel # 3
Pages: 273
Publisher: Escape Your Reality Press
Release Date: January 12, 2020
Follow J.T. Patten on Twitter: @JTPattenBooks
Lima Charlie Rating: A BLAST RADIUS OF: A DIRTY BOMB (9.25/10) – This type of bomb kills immediately & continues to kill rendering the land useless for a long time.


About the Author

“J.T. Patten” has worked in counterterrorism intelligence mission support of national defense and policy initiatives. He has a degree in Foreign Language, a Masters in Strategic Intelligence, graduate studies in Counter Terrorism from the University of St. Andrews, and expertise in mobile device and cyber security, forensics, and financial crime investigations. Patten shares a combination of these unique experiences with readers to give them a taste of “the black.”

His novels are known for being blacker than black, literally reading in his fans to a compelling inside view of larger than life covert activities in addition to the gripping turmoil that warriors suffer while battling foes and internal demons. All the while twisting plots and characters to slow burn the reader until they are entirely engulfed in flames.
Readers who enjoy dark military and espionage thrillers such as Brad Taylor, Mark Greaney, Jason Kasper, Tim Tigner, CG Cooper, and J.B. Turner, will love Patten’s raw narrative and brave dialogue in an authentic ride into black ops assassinations, counter terrorism, and conspiracy with technothriller gadgetry of the modern-day intelligence battlespace.


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