A Lima Charlie Review: ‘BLOOD OF THE ASSASSIN’ By Bill Brewer. With a BLAST RADIUS of a MOAB! (8.5/10)

bloodoftheassassin_ebook_final_wreviewbloodLast year, Bill Brewer introduced to the world David Diegert in Dawn of the Assassin. The fast-paced action thriller described what exactly it takes to become an assassin. We watched David leave his family in Minnesota, join the Army and from there one hectic, dangerous situation after another thrust David into the life of an international highly sought-after Assassin.

In fact, he was so in demand, the Crepusculous took notice. The secret society that influences and controls roughly 20% of the world’s economy. Being a wanted man and wanting to become the best, David joins this organization and quickly outclasses all others and proves he is the best. This organization however has big plans and they decide to use David’s skill to accomplish their goal and set him up to take the blame and in Blood of the Assassin, David is forced to spill a lot of blood to stay ahead of his pursuers. Which are not only other assassins from Crepusculous. But also, just about every law enforcement agency in the world. Because David’s target was someone very important on the world stage.

Blood of the Assassin is fast paced, action filled and full of intense action. On top of that, Bill Brewer drops a very heavy bombshell, an unexpected revelation that will leave you wanting more. Lucky for you, Bill won’t keep you waiting long. His third novel in the series Code of the Assassin will be out later this summer.

Blood of the Assassin will be available March 10, 2020. Earning itself a Blast Radius of a MOAB! An 8.5/10 Lima Charlie Rating. This author has grown and delivered a sophomore thriller that is definitely worth checking out.




Author: Bill Brewer
Series: David Diegert # 2
Pages: 218
ASIN: B084h63j27
Publisher: Thrillex Publishing
Release Date: March 10, 2020
Follow Bill on Twitter: @BrewerBooks
Lima Charlie Rating: A BLAST RADIUS OF: A MOAB! (8.5/10) – Massive Ordnance Air Blast -AKA- Mother of all Bombs. Largely known as the most powerful non-nuclear weapon in the US Military inventory. It has a blast radius of one mile, meaning it demolishes everything within 1 square mile.


About the author

Bill Brewer is a member of the Faculty of the College of Health Sciences and Technology at RIT where he serves as the Director of Exercise Science within the Wegmans School of Health and Nutrition. His areas of instruction include Anatomy & Physiology as well as numerous courses in Exercise Science.

Bill is a family man, happily married and
the proud father of a son and two daughters.  He lives in the South Wedge
of Rochester NY. and loves to find outdoor adventure in the Adirondacks and in
the Frontenac region of Ontario, Canada.

In July 2013 as a result of his first
ever colonoscopy, he was diagnosed with Stage III colon cancer.  He
underwent a surgical hemicolectomy to remove one third of his colon including
the Stage III tumor.

During his recovery he seized the
opportunity to do something he had always wanted to do and wrote a novel.
Tears of the
was published under the pen name William Schiele.

Early detection saved his life.
Surviving cancer made him realize, life is too short not to strive to achieve
your dreams.


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