A Lima Charlie Review: Code of the Assassin by Bill Brewer. With a Blast Radius of a MOAB!

Code of theBill Brewer is back with his third thriller featuring the world’s best assassin, David Diegert, in Code of the Assassin. For those just starting this series, last year Bill Brewer blasted into the thriller scene with Dawn of the Assassin (2019), a few short months later, he released Blood of the Assassin (2020). Now, just in time for summer, his third in the series will be here in June 2020.

When we first met David, he wasn’t sure what to do with his life. While getting in trouble with the law, he was encouraged to join the military and get out of his small-town home in Minnesota. He did just that, he joined the Army and quickly found himself in Afghanistan where his unit was conducting illegal for profit off the book’s operations. David found himself on the wrong side of a court marshal and was dishonorably discharged. From there, David found himself in one life or death situation after another, which quickly forced him down a certain violent path. He chooses to embrace the path he was on and went all in when Crepusculous took notice, an organization with global financial influence in every corner of the world with some very big ambitions. They utilized David’s skills and when they couldn’t get him to willingly operate for them, they utilized some brutal means of ensuring compliance.

With a very violent beginning of his story arc, David was constantly finding himself in a situation that forced him to use his skills in order to survive. In Code of the Assassin, this violence takes a back seat in order to build his story as David is thrust into a life of unimaginable wealth. Don’t get me wrong, there is action in this thriller, but not as much as we’re use to. In his last thriller, Blood of the Assassin, Bill Brewer left us with a huge cliffhanger. Code of the Assassin picks up right where it left off and explores the inner workings of Crepusculous, their ultimate plans, their schemes, and exactly how David fits into all that.

Code of the Assassin is an absolute must read, especially for those readers like me that read a series in order and follow the story arc as it grows and develops into something absolutely great. This series by Bill Brewer is one of those and as a fan, I can’t wait to see how far this chaos goes, which direction will David choose to go, what other plans does Crepusculous have to create instability in the world and gain the monetary advantage. Earning itself a Blast Radius of a MOAB! an 8 out of 10 Lima Charlie rating, pick up Code of the Assassin ASAP.




Author: Bill Brewer
Series: David Diegert # 3
Pages: 244
ASIN: B088C54RT3
Publisher: Thrillex Publishing
Release Date: June 9, 2020
Follow Bill on Twitter: @BrewerBooks
Lima Charlie Rating: A BLAST RADIUS OF: A MOAB! (8/10) – Massive Ordnance Air Blast -AKA- Mother of all Bombs. Largely known as the most powerful non-nuclear weapon in the US Military inventory. It has a blast radius of one mile, meaning it demolishes everything within 1 square mile.


About the author

Bill Brewer is a member of the Faculty of the College of Health Sciences and Technology at RIT where he serves as the Director of Exercise Science within the Wegmans School of Health and Nutrition. His areas of instruction include Anatomy & Physiology as well as numerous courses in Exercise Science.Bill is a family man, happily married and the proud father of a son and two daughters.  He lives in the South Wedge of Rochester NY. and loves to find outdoor adventure in the Adirondacks and in the Frontenac region of Ontario, Canada. In July 2013 as a result of his first ever colonoscopy, he was diagnosed with Stage III colon cancer.  He underwent a surgical hemicolectomy to remove one third of his colon including the Stage III tumor.

During his recovery he seized the opportunity to do something he had always wanted to do and wrote a novel. Tears of the Assassin was published under the pen name William Schiele. Early detection saved his life. Surviving cancer made him realize, life is too short not to strive to achieveyour dreams.

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