A Lima Charlie Review: ‘STRONG FROM THE HEART’ By Jon Land. With a BLAST RADIUS of a DIRTY BOMB! (9/10)

StrongJon Land is back with his female driven protagonist, Texas Ranger Caitlin Strong in Strong from the Heart. The eleventh in Land’s award-winning series that follows fifth generation Texas Ranger Caitlin. Along with her current exploits we always get a similar case that was conducted by a different generation from the Strong family tree, in this case it’s her great-grandfather, Texas Ranger William Ray Strong. He is sent to the same town Caitlin is currently investigating near the Mexican border and has a pretty awesome adventure himself. On top of that, he has probably the best line in the book regarding what type of judge and jury these bad guys needed.

The drug problem in this country claims roughly 75,000 lives annually, in Jon Land’s Caitlin Strong universe, it just almost claimed someone very close to her. This gives Caitlin Strong aka Hurricane Caitlin a reason to get involved in her ferocious search for the truth and to punish those responsible. Especially when it becomes a personal mission for her and outlaw lover, Cort Wesley Masters. Following the trail, Caitlin goes to Washington where she rattles the wrong cage or more accurately, the right cage and almost gets herself arrested. These bad guys are well funded, well connected and have power players in Washington in their pocket. Caitlin finds herself on the run from federal agents, she enlists the help of more gun fighters that are usually on the wrong side of the law, but fully loyal to her. The action, suspense, and general flow of this thriller make it a fantastic read that is hard to put down.

On top of her personal mission, the Rangers have assigned Caitlin a new case to assist as a liaison with Homeland Security when all the residents of a small town near the Mexican border are found dead. Throughout her initial investigation, Caitlin isn’t aware of the two cases being linked, but when a killer tries to take her out, everything falls into place for Caitlin and things start to add up. At that point, the stakes get bigger, the bad guys have shown how far they’re willing to go, and Caitlin’s mission becomes relentless. By the time it’s all said and done, the world speculates as to who is responsible for the mayhem, “rumors ranged from the Navy SEAL’s to Delta Force, the Marines, the spirit of John Wayne, and the ghosts from the Alamo.” With non-stop action, bad ass dialogue, and stakes that are life or death at every corner, Strong from the Heart is an absolute must-read thriller, don’t miss out, order now.


Author: Jon Land
Series: Caitlin Strong # 1
Pages: 368
ISBN: 978-0765384706
Publisher: Forge Books
Release Date: July 28, 2020
Follow Jon on Twitter: @JonDLand
Lima Charlie Rating: A BLAST RADIUS OF A DIRTY BOMB! (9/10) – This type of bomb kills immediately & continues to kill rendering the land useless for a long time.
About the Author

Jon Land is the bestselling author over 25 novels. He graduated from Brown University in 1979 Phi Beta Kappa and Magna cum Laude and continues his association with Brown as an alumni advisor.

Jon often bases his novels and scripts on extensive travel and research as well as a twenty-five-year career in martial arts. He is an associate member of the US Special Forces and frequently volunteers in schools to help young people learn to enjoy the process of writing.

Jon is the Vice-President of marketing of the International Thriller Writers (ITW) and is often asked to speak on topics regarding writing and research.
In addition to writing suspense/thrillers John is also a screenwriter with his first film credit coming in 2005.

Jon works with many industry professionals and has garnered the respect and friendship of many author-colleagues. He loves storytelling in all its forms.
John currently lives in Providence, Rhode Island and loves hearing from his readers and aspiring writers.

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