A Lima Charlie Review: ‘The Buffalo Pilot’ By Lawrence A. Colby. With a BLAST RADIUS of a MOAB!

The Buffalo Pilot: Book 3 The Ford Stevens Miliary-Aviation Thriller SeriesNumber one Amazon bestselling author and retired United States Air Force Colonel after a twelve year stint with the United States Marine Corps Lawrence A. Colby or “Cheese” as he was known by his call sign while flying combat missions in Iraq, Afghanistan, Africa and Japan to name a few is back. He writes from his personal experience in a cockpit of jets, prop planes, and helicopters. Utilizing his extensive knowledge and experience in combat, he has published two novels in the Ford Stevens Military-Aviation Thriller Series. Starting with The Devil Dragon Pilot in 2016, followed by The Black Scorpion Pilot in 2018. His third, The Buffalo Pilot is available August 25th, 2020.

Ford Stevens is the commanding officer of the Niagara Falls Air Reserve Station, home of the 914th Air Refueling Wing and 328th Air Refueling Squadron. Located in Buffalo, NY. A small town in New York, a heartbeat away from the Canadian border. Ford is an active reservist, meaning he works full time at the reservist base, while majority of the officers and enlistees are reservists, holding down a full-time job in the civilian world while serving part time.

Ford has however been conducting secret missions for the Defense Intelligence Agency, some have come close to getting him killed, while stranded in hostile territory for months at a time. Now, suffering from severe PTSD, he’s working hard trying to remain sober and remain at the top of his game. As a pilot, even one small mistake can lead to instant death.

Ford’s younger brother Charley, a bright and talented new (boot) graduate of the U.S. Air Force Flight Academy checked into his new unit with a bit of chip on his shoulder. At 30 years old, majority of the boot lieutenants were fresh out of college and almost ten years his junior. On top of that, his older brother is his commanding officer. Persevering in his new role, learning, adapting, growing his skills. The future looks bright for the new pilot until a couple of mishaps in the squadron are blamed on him. One mishap may be an accident, but two identical draws the attention of the best Air Force Mishap Investigator, Colonel Warner “Zeke” Ziehmann. Is Charley to blame is or he being set up?

A rising star among the Niagara Red Kings, a Native American organized crime gang. Ray Parker, a 25-year-old with an ambitious goal to grow his family’s empire with a resort catering to the rich, with a casino, hotel, shopping, golf course, and a private runway. He eyeballs the reserve base as the ideal location for his new investment. To accomplish this goal, he sets in motion a black mail scheme to a prominent member of the local House of Representatives with very specific instructions regarding the future of this base.

With tensions growing, constant pressure in the cockpit, political moves being made, threats made, carried out, life and death on every page. An emotional ending that you don’t see coming and a surprise twist that will continue this series for years to come. This Military-Aviation thriller has earned itself a Lima Charlie Blast Radius of a MOAB!



Author: Colonel Lawrence A. Colby (Air Force Retired)
Pages: 286
Publisher: 2020 Mach278 LLC Publishing
Release Date: August 25, 2020
Follow Colonel Colby or “Cheese” on Twitter: @ColbyThrillers
Lima Charlie Rating: A BLAST RADIUS OF: A MOAB! – Massive Ordnance Air Blast -AKA- Mother of all Bombs. Largely known as the most powerful non-nuclear weapon in the US Military inventory. It has a blast radius of one mile, meaning it demolishes everything within 1 square mile.



About the Author

Lawrence A. Colby is the #1 AMAZON bestselling author of The Ford Stevens Military-Aviation Thriller Series.

His latest thriller, THE BUFFALO PILOT: BOOK 3 is available now for pre-order! Ford Stevens and the team are back!

Writing from years of military cockpit experience and over five years at the Pentagon as a military assistant provided Colby with an extensive understanding of combat tactics, government policies and power–knowledge he uses to add political as well as military realism to his fast-paced military adventure thrillers.

A graduate of both the US Navy and US Air Force Flight Training Programs, Colby is part of a select group of pilots qualified to fly jets, prop planes, and helicopters. He held numerous squadron, air group, and wing positions, flying multiple operational missions in Iraq, Afghanistan, and other global locations. He flew under the call sign “Cheese.”

His books are published in over 12 countries, and are enjoyed from the U.S. and UK to India and beyond.

He lives in the Washington, DC area with his family and can be followed on social media @ColbyThrillers.

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