A Lima Charlie Review: ‘ASSAULT BY FIRE’ By H. Ripley Rawlings IV. With a BLAST RADIUS of a DIRTY BOMB!

Assault by FireA New York Times best seller debuting with his very first novel. How on earth does that work? Only something a Marine can pull off. Retired USMC Lieutenant Colonel Rip Rawlings co-authored New York Times bestselling novel Red Metal with The Gray Man author Mark Greaney. Hunter Ripley “Rip” Rawlings IV spent 23 years on active duty service in my beloved Marine Corps. With ten combat and peace keeping deployments during his honorable career, he’s seen and done quite a bit. Utilizing his knowledge and experience, Rip has written an impressive debut novel, Assault By Fire, coming September 29, 2020.

Introducing Marine Corps officer Tyce Asher. A combat veteran in the war on terror or OIF, Operation Iraqi Freedom. Asher led his Marines into an ambush and lost some of his Marines and his leg. He fights to prevent from being medically discharged and is granted an assignment as an active member of a reserve Marine unit and the National Guard. He was given a mission, they needed someone with combat experience to train the “weekend warriors.” However, Asher saw this as him not being worthy, that the Marine Corps tossed him aside.

Rising in rank, Major Asher now second in command or the XO, Executive Officer of a joint U.S. National Guard and Marine Corps training exercise. Convoying back to their base, Major Asher halts the convoy and is issuing orders to separate all the different elements attached to him for the training exercise and sends them back to base. When out of nowhere, in a complete surprise, America is attacked!

While most authors send their protagonist into a war zone abroad, terrorist hell holes, or even clandestine operations in other countries. Assault By Fire brings it home, America is attacked. I don’t mean a 9/11 style attack, I mean the entire country is invaded by a crazy, blood lusted military mastermind. Under his command, somewhere north of three hundred thousand well-trained, well-armed Russian troops.

The Commanding officer is nowhere to be found, Major Asher assumes command, at least temporarily or so he thinks. He’s been to war and he knows what the enemy will do if given the opportunity. So, he takes his small but organized group of weekend warriors and gets them ready for war. Along the way, he picks up other motivated small units, and individuals with skills and a weapon. America still has its Second A and it proved fortunate to those willing to defend their home, their land.

The battles fought, the missions they were tasked with along the way, death, chaos, and esprit de corps. A military thriller like no other on the market today, from an author that has waged war and commanded troops in battle. One of the most authentic portrayals of battle ever written, with accurate depictions of battle planning, execution, and outcomes. An absolute must read debut novel earning itself a Lima Charlie Blast Radius of a Dirty Bomb!




Author: Hunter Ripley “Rip” Rawlings IV (USMC Retired)
Series: Tyce Asher # 1
Pages: 356
ISBN: 978-0786047062
Publisher: Pinnacle Books
Release Date: September 29, 2020
Follow Rip on Twitter: @RipRawlings
Lima Charlie Rating: A BLAST RADIUS OF: A DIRTY BOMB (9/10) – This type of bomb kills immediately & continues to kill rendering the land useless for a long time.


About the author

New York Times Bestselling author, Lieutenant Colonel Hunter Ripley “Rip” Rawlings IV, was a Marine Corps infantry and Reconnaissance Officer with 23-years of service. With ten deployments to Iraq, Afghanistan, CJTF-HOA, Djibouti, Saudi Arabia to name a few. An Infantry and LAV Reconnaissance Officer, he had additional specialties of military advisor and operations planner. He served in billets from Scout Platoon Commander, LAV Reconnaissance Company Commander, FAST Commander up to Infantry Battalion Commander.


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