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With eight years of Active Duty experience in our beloved USMC, including three combat deployments in Iraq  & Afghanistan. Here at Lima Charlie Editing, we can be a valuable tool for ensuring accuracy in your writing when incorporating specifics into the Military in your writing.

Example 1: If your character is a Marine, and in your book he went to basic training at Fort Jackson: Columbia, South Carolina. Readers WILL call you out on that error  in todays social media driven world.

Example 2: If your character went to Recruit Training at Marine Corps Recruit Depot San Diego and his rank is a Captain. Once again, readers will notice it.

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Here at Lima Charlie Editing & Reviews we support Veteran owned businesses. If your character saved  the  day  with a certain weapon and you’re wanting to take advantage of your Second Amendment right and own that weapon. The professional staff over at DEVIL DOG GUN COMPANY can help  you out. Also, follow them on FACEBOOK.